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The origins of the word Chingón

In Mexico it is clear to us that being a chingón is not the same as being a chingado , because being told a chingadera is not the same as being given a chingonería . However, we are a very cool country , here I explain the possible origins of this word.

There are three possible theories, one of them was led by Octavio Paz, the first Mexican Nobel Prize winner in literature. Which said that the word chingar comes from the Nahuatl xināchtli , which means "seed" or "semen", so some language scholars doubt that it really is the origin of the word, since none of its possible meanings have connotations of violence. or rape.

The Mexican Nobel himself, in his book The Labyrinth of Solitude, also mentioned the possible root in the word tzincon , which means in the anus . However, it is proven that the word chingar already existed in Spanish on the Iberian Peninsula even before the time of the Conquest, so its origin is not indigenous even though it is so commonly used in our country.

Another possible origin is given to us by the Dictionary of the Spanish Language, as it states that the word comes from ancient Indo-Aryan (from which Sanskrit would be born some time later) with the word cinghāta and the variant cinghāra , which meant "noise" or "scream", and it takes on a different meaning in each country, however, in none is it as extensive as in Mexico.

Here the example:

Over time, the word evolved from Romani to the noun chingar which meant “to fight” and after its arrival in Europe “attack” and “rape” were added to its meanings, so by the Conquest of Mexico, this word already had the connotation that it has today.

Finally, to those who claim that the first submachine guns that came to our country with the Browning Machine gun Co. have their origins in the Mexican Revolution, those who carried these weapons were not the Machine gunners , but the Más chinones .

What do you consider to be the true origin?

With Information Indigo Report and Dictionary of the Spanish Language


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